The Box of Warmth

With different season comes different seasonal conditions. But with the onset of Delhi ki Sardi (winter spell) binding us all in its cool tentacles. We at PHASE have a small initiative called, “The Box of Warmth”, at our Malviya Nagar centre. The box looks for donors who would be willing to give away clothes or any kind of helpful resource material that could provide some comfort to others who require them the most in the winters/summer / rainy season. We welcome donations throughout the year for clothes!

Whatever would be deposited in the box will be passed on to the children coming to PHASE and anyone on the streets. We at PHASE also hope that some of the donated materials could be used for stray animals to give them warmth in the cold weather.

The members of PHASE took the first step by bringing in clothes that are in good shape but are no longer handy to them. More than 250 sets of clothes have been distributed to 200 family members.

Anyone and everyone can spread the word, volunteer and join hands with us in our little endeavour so that we can succeed in giving warmth to others and reusing our resources wisely.


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